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B. B. Ullman

Friday, October 25, 2019—B. B. Ullman (young adult fiction)

Born in Seattle, B. B. Ullman now resides in Duvall. She wrote The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood (nominated to four state awards for children’s literature) and Whistle Bright Magic (sequel to Nutfolk). Now it’s Bad Order, a middle-grade sci-fi story of four working-class kids, three holograph aliens, and two men in black. When negative thoughts threaten humanity, the biggest guns and smartest computers are useless. Here, hope lies in the strength of love. Visit Barb’s website at

MC—Pamela Denchfield

RASP meets monthly at Los Pajaros Studio Gallery

    Los Pajaros Studio Gallery

Join us at Los Pajaros Studio Gallery at 7945 Gilman St. in Redmond, between McDonalds Books and Redmond Vacuum, two doors down from Victor's Coffee. Click here for the map and directions. Los Pajaros Studio Gallery is operated by Centro Cultural Mexicano. Read more in the Redmond Reporter. For more information about upcoming exhibits, visit the gallery's website.

Upcoming Readings and Events

Friday, November 22, 2019—David Patneaude (young adult fiction)
Moved ahead to avoid Thanksgiving holiday weekend

MC—Michael Dylan Welch

Friday, December 6, 2019—Annual Holiday Party

Friday, December 27, 2019—TBA



Friday, January 31, 2019—Chris Fagan (adventure memoirist)

Friday, February 28, 2019—TBA

Friday, March 27, 2019—TBA

Friday, April 24, 2019—TBA

Friday, May 29, 2019—TBA

Friday, June 26, 2019—TBA

Friday, July 18, 2019—TBA

Friday, July 31, 2019—TBA

Friday, August 28, 2019—Dawn-Marie Oliver

Friday, September 25, 2019—TBA

Friday, October 30, 2019—TBA

Friday, November 20, 2019—TBA
Moved ahead to avoid Thanksgiving holiday weekend

Friday, December 4, 2019—Annual Holiday Party

Friday, December 18, 2019—TBA