Gullible Girl Dance

By Wendelle Peoples

Gullible girl gyrate - dance for me
Illuminate your underpants for me
A dirty old man wearing a moustache
And black pirate beard (well, it used to be.)

Gullible girl prance around for me
Illuminate other filmy garments for me
A formerly handsome man with used up muscles
Worn out pirate boots now mostly holey.

Gullible girl sing sexy songs for me
Illuminate your gauzy thoughts for me
Allow my devious mind to guide you
Across and through a fantasy

Giggling gullible girl, pray what do you see?
Illuminated before your sparky blue eyes
A gentle beast only on the surface fierce
The gray pirate, black once in memory.

God love giggling, gyrating, gullible girls!
They illuminate this gray world with joy
Old men love them, young ones too
Former pirates sail with them across dream seas

Gullible girl, gyrate - dance for me