By John Tripp

Grandpa hardly knew to me, when I was just a kid,
He sat and read the paper and that's seems like all he did.
Still, I wondered if there was something grandpa should have let me know?
Some piece of "Grandpa Wisdom" that could help me as I grow.

My father, like my grandpa, kept his thoughts inside his head,
So my kids don't remember much of anything he said.
While I'm sure my dad was proud of them, he never found a way
to say "I love you" to his grandkids right to his final day.

Now I've become a Grandpa and to me it seems quite clear.
We need to end this "Grandpa Silence" that's haunted us for years.
I want my grandkids all to know me and the characters I've met.
And I want to say "I Love You" to them... every chance I get.

I want to comfort them and laugh with them and wipe away their tears.
And share some "Grandpa Wisdoms" that might help them through the years.
And, I want to be a guidepost when they get lost on their way.
I want to be a Grandpa they'll think fondly of each day.